Weight Training to Lose Weight

by Diann Poole

Weight gain is a lot easier as you grow older but you can turn it around. How old you are does not matter.

You should add some sort of exercise to your daily routine. One type of exercise is weight training, also known as strength training or resistance training.

Weight training will not only help with weight loss but will also trim and tone your body. It's been shown that women as old as 70 who start weight training have improved their body strength within a very short while.

Weight training is an important element in fighting flab; maybe it's the most important. If you do aerobic exercise, you only burn fat during the exercise. But with weight training, you burn fat. Weight loss continues even when you’re finished. The body can burn fat for as much as twelve hours.

But that is not the end of the story.

A body full of muscle uses far more calories than a body full of fat. You'll find that you'll need to eat more to maintain your weight and your muscle. But not to worry, the extra calories will feed your muscles, helping them to recover and tone.

When you first start weight training, your weight will actually increase. This is because muscle is heavier than fat and muscles are smaller. Your body will look smaller even if the scales do not show a decrease in weight. Health is more than a number on a scale. Your weight is calculated by different aspects — muscles, fat, bone, etc.

The additional benefits from weight training are:

  1. Helping to strengthen and increase the density of your bones because the act of the muscles pulling and flexing the bones helps to lay down more bone fiber.
  2. Stronger muscles help your body to be steadier and so helps to prevent falls.
  3. Helps fight the buildup of abdominal fat by lifting weights at least twice a week.

Finally, when weight training, make sure that you change your workout routine every few weeks so that your body does not get used to the routine. It only takes about six weeks for your body to learn how to work efficiently. If you keep to the same routine, you will stop seeing any weight or body changes.

So have fun and start weight training to lose weight and tone your body so you look and feel your best.



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